My heart was thumping

                     My heart was thumping 
When we reached the garage, we had to talk about safety. After that the instructor gave us our bikes. I was really nervous. She told us to walk our bikes to the cart track. The instructor lowered our seats. Next we had to go around the two tree trunks. 

Some time later… “Almost finished,” I thought. But no. We had to go down a steep hill and on  the way down I rode over a root. My heart was thumping. “I'm going to die!” I said to myself. About four minutes later, we reached the bike park. We got to go on it. I went on it. Then we had to go up a big hill. Was I  going to make it? Yes… But no. Hamish stopped in front of me and everyone behind me stopped. We had to walk our bikes up the hill. It was  quite steep. Almost there.  My legs were sore. But luckily I made it. On the way back my legs were aching sore.  I learned to not go to close to people because if they crash I will too.


What was I learning? I was learning to put exclamation marks and commas. Examples too. It went good because I had great fun doing it. Next, I will try to add them in by myself. 


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