My home

                MY HOME
In the city 
builders knock 
down houses 
then rebuild them back.

At the park 
dogs bark 
and fetch for the ball.

I smell fish & chips going
through the air on the
 way past.

Rivers go through mountains 
and wriggle down hills.

Christchurch is my
Home where I

This term I have been learning about the elements of music. To show what I did I made a soundscape and to match my poem.
My soundscape is relational because I can use many musical elements and explain what they mean but I still need help. In my music I have a hip hop drum machine. That represents ladybirds crewing on the deck. The ukulele represents birds flying threw the air. The shaker represents the tall trees. The smart drum represents birds eating worms undergrand. 
Overall I think I did really well because it matches my poem.


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