New Zealanders make immigrants from different countries around the world feel welcome.  Most New Zealand people say “hi. How are you?” Some people don’t say anything to new people. 55% of these people feel judged based on their skin colour, race or nationality.

Prejudice is when you judge someone on things like  age or what you look like.
Prejudice is if you see a girl playing rugby, your brain instantly says she can't play rugby because she is a girl. I think we should keep prejudiced ideas to ourselves… Don’t spread them to others because they might hate you and might not be your friend.

We interviewed some immigrants and we asked them some questions and they told us about themselves. Welcoming Immigrants  is a good thing .  We can do this by treating immigrants nicely, by smiling and being kind to them and others. 

Making them feel unwelcome is bad because it will make them feel alienated.
They will not feel welcome and they would want to go back to their other country again . 

We are thinking about what tips we have to make immigrants feel more welcome and to make them feel included. I think we should make sure we:
Treat them like everyone else 
smile at them.
Be kind.
Help them.
Make a conversation.
It's is important to be kind and not be mean to them or they would think this school is dumb and they would not want to come back again .


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