Play outside

This term I was doing my speech about playing outside.
My topic was about we all need to play because we don't want to be lazy. Many ideas in my speech connect to the point of view. I have used rhetorical questions in my speech. Click here to listen to my speech or you can read my speech below. 

  Play outside  

Have you noticed that people have been playing on their devices instead of doing their homework, and they don’t want to get off ?Some people are really addicted to their devices. Let's say it's a summer's day and you're hiding inside staring at your screen for 2 hours.  People should play outside for an hour every day then they can go on there device and play games. 
You can play with your friends or with family outside. We all should exercise  because we need to all get fit by running and jogging and all that stuff. Otherwise you will get really lazy and not what to do anything. Not even get off your device. We all need to be fit outside because we don't what to get lazy and do nothing. That would not be very good for you. Every second weekend my friend Tyler comes over for a playdate  for 2 days. We go to the park and kick a rugby ball around and we forget about going on the PlayStation. 

 We all need to go outside for a reason because it helps your brain get stronger and helps you think more. It's a really good exercise for your brain. When summer comes people should not be going on there device because it will be warm enough to be outside.

I will try to find new games to play with my friends. Maybe I will be a playground leader. You might want to join me as a playground leader. 

Love to see you there.


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