Responsible citizen

                               Responsible citizen.                                                A responsible citizen is someone who helps people and who looks up to people. If we didn't look after each other we would be in a bad place and we all need to be looked after.

If we didn't there would be punching everywhere so we are all special and we need to be looked after like everyone else. We would want to be looked after by family and friends. If we did not do that the world would be in a bad place.

If we were in danger from other humans we would be hiding like we're in a game of hide and seek. We would be shooting, punching and blowing things up. But today we have a non violent town.

I always see Lily being responsible for picking up rubbish and helping others if hurt. Over all you need to be a good responsible citizen to our community by picking rubbish up and helping others. 
I can use several strategies and i can be a responsible citizen in our  community and I know when to use them, and I am helping people to do something. 


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