Cheeky writing

     Having a sleepover

It's the first time I'm having a sleepover with Riley and it's the first sleepover in my whole entire life. When we rush to bed, Riley is already half asleep. About 30 minutes later… it is dark. Everyone is asleep and I'm awake. It’s like everyone has ditched the house… I'm shivering deep inside like someone’s trying to murder us. Everywhere I look, it's pitch black. I feel a silky blanket around me. The house is making weird noises. It’s like world war 2.
I can't see. I'm trying to make my way to the toilets. I try to open the door. It's jammed. Whhhhy? I find out what it was. It was the air bed. I'm so dumb, How did I not know that? The journey to the toilets. Boooo. I'm going through the hallway. I find a door.  What's in there? Should I go in or not? I say mmm, ok. The door screeches. Thank goodness, I’ve found it. Let’s get back to sleep. 

I was learning where to put my question marks and my commas and I did well.  It went well because I have some good cool words like it's pitch black.
My next steps are to make sure where to put my question marks.


  1. What a great piece of write jye I liked the Part we you said About 30 minute later I is dark .


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