First day of school

              BY JYE. 18.8.17

Do you remember your first day of school? No matter how old you are, you might remember because I do. One day, it was a dark cloudy day. My heart hammered harder and harder as I walked in. My face started getting pale. We meet the teacher. After a while my mum had to go. She said bye Jye. She walk past me. Her perfume tickled my nose. I started to cry harder and harder as she left. She started hugging me. She said,“You will be alright. The teacher will look after you. Can I go now please?”
“Nooo,” I started to cry. 
The teacher said, “You can go, I will look after him.”
I started to make some friends. I completely forget about this morning.
About 4 hours later, after a bit I got more relaxed. Kids were screaming louder and louder, it hurt my ears. The good thing was it was home time. I was happy to see my mum. 

Well if you're scared don't be because you're going to have a great  time. You'll be fine when you're older.  You'll think back and think why was I so scared?


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